Message from President

Welcome to the Official Web Page of HKSAROSU!


Founded in 1993, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Outstanding Students’ Union (HKSAROSU) has developed from a small student group to a renowned non-profit-making youth organisation with over 550 members in Hong Kong. Having sworn to uphold our motto “To Serve. To Innovate.”, we are dedicated to nurturing young leaders for our society. 

Throughout the years, the Union has been organising activities to foster Hong Kong youth participation in promoting community welfare and their own personal growth. We endeavour to cultivate future young leaders and facilitate them in exploring their own potentials through a series of seminars, workshops, talks, camps, competitions and other activities. For instance, our annual summer flagship programme "Hong Kong Future Pioneers", with the participation of more than a thousand secondary school students over the years, has successfully aroused social consciousness of  participating teenagers and created positive social impact in our society. 

On behalf of the 27th Executive Committee, I would like to express our greatest pleasure of having the opportunity to serve the Union this year. Continuing on the past legacy, we hope to enhance the engagement of members across different years and advance the recognition we attain in Hong Kong society by bringing innovations into our activities. 


Internally, we will enlarge the scale of the OSU in ONE Programme as we engage a wider range of members and honorary advisors. OSU in One aims at providing members with networking and career/interest exploring opportunities, where members from different years and walks of life can meet and share their experiences. This year, we will be introducing the “Discovery Lab Director”, in which members can design their labs with their own choice of topics and contents to share their expertise with other members. We hope to encourage a more active and self-initiated atmosphere of sharing among members along with a stronger cross-year bond. Moreover, we are also introducing our new initiative, the Mentorship Programme, where we hope to offer our young members the precious opportunity to meet elites in society and have an earlier career exploration.

Externally, we will continue to magnify the impact that we have been bringing about through our annual flagship programme “Hong Kong Future Pioneers (HKFP)” (formerly named as Hong Kong Young Leaders’ Congress (HKYLC)). Through holding various workshops to guide participants in creating their own social campaigns, we hope to enlighten students on current social issues and to bring our motto - “Learn from Professionals. Work with Community.” into being. 


On top on that, we are also going to continue with our STEP UP series where we invite our outstanding members and active past event participants to share their stories with secondary school students. This year, our theme is “Be the Master of Your Soul - Listening to Your Inner Voices”. We hope to encourage students to step out of their comfort zones and be proud to pursue their dreams, defend their own values, and strive for breakthroughs. 


With the joint effort of members in the Executive Committee, Advisory Board, Constitution Review Committee, and most importantly, your continuous and generous support, we faithfully believe that 2020 will be a blossoming year for HKSAROSU!

Christy Hoi-ying NGAN (Ms)


The 27th Executive Committee

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Outstanding Students’ Union