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Message from President

Welcome to the Official Web Page of HKSAROSU!


The story of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Outstanding Students’ Union (HKSAROSU) began in 1993. Since then, we have developed into a renowned non-profit-making youth organization with over 550 members in Hong Kong. Having our motto “To Serve. To Innovate” rooted deeply in heart, we have been committed to fostering young leaders in our society.


Nurturing Hong Kong youth by providing more learning and experiencing opportunities for them has always been our ultimate goal. The Union has been, throughout the years, organizing various interactive and innovative activities to enhance Hong Kong youngsters’ contribution to the community and enable them to discover their own potential. Through holding a series of events and activities such as seminars, workshops, talks, competitions and more, we strived to cultivate and inspire future young leaders to bring positive influence to the community and to flourish in their lives.


On behalf of the 28th Executive Committee, I would like to express our greatest gratitude for having the invaluable opportunity to serve the Union this year. Upholding our motto of "Bridge the Void. Flourish in Life.", we believe it is our mission to continue on the past legacy and to advance our attained recognition in Hong Kong by launching innovative activities, and to enrich our members’ engagement across different years to strengthen this bond we have always been proud of.


"Bridge the Void", for we endeavour to foster a strong connection among OSU members. We will magnify the scale of the OSU in ONE Programme by holding multitudes of interactive activities such as festive gatherings, academic workshops and interest group activities to provide the valuable opportunity for members to meet and share their experiences and knowledge, and simultaneously explore different careers and interests. This year, we will be introducing the “Sparkle - OSU Service Team”, in which we will gather members interested in doing community services and help the people in need. Moreover, we will continue on the “Starship - Mentorship Programme”, to provide members with the treasurable opportunity to gain career exploration from the elites in the respective fields of profession and have a better planning for their future.


Flourish in Life", for we strive to expand our positive influence and impact in the society through organizing various external activities. We will continue our annual summer flagship programme “Hong Kong Future Pioneers (HKFP)” (formerly known as Hong Kong Young Leaders’ Congress (HKYLC)) to provide opportunities for participants to utilize what they have learnt from the wide variety of workshops we held, to create their own social campaigns regarding different social issues. It is our hope that the young participants can learn the knowledge of paramount importance that cannot be learnt solely by drilling textbooks, and that they can develop a considerable social acumen. To take one step further, we hope the participants can “Learn from Professionals. Work with Community”, as stated in our motto. To further broaden our connection with the students, we will be continuing with our STEP UP series, in which we invite our distinguished members and active past event participants to share their journey of learning and excelling with the secondary school students. Our theme for this year is “Flourish in Lives- Sketch Your Future Blueprints”. We aimed at inspiring students to explore their paths and live life to the fullest by equipping themselves with experiences, discovering their potential and to boldly pursue their dreams.


With the joint effort of the members of the Executive Committee, Advisory Board, Constitution Review Committee, and most essentially, your never-ending and great support, we faithfully believe that 2021 will be a fruitful year for HKSAROSU! 


Man Lok Yiu Alanis Morissette (Ms)


The 28th Executive Committee

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Outstanding Students’ Union

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