Hong Kong Future Pioneers (HKFP)

Cancellation of Hong Kong Future Pioneers 2020 

In light of the uncertainties in the future development of the Coronavirus, we regret to announce the cancellation of Hong Kong Future Pioneers 2020. The programme has long been celebrated as our annual flagship initiative, striving to broaden participants’ horizons and sharpen leadership skills. Nonetheless, the well-being of our guests and participants is undoubtedly the prerequisite of our aforementioned objectives. Hence, we have no choice but to abandon the event. Thank you again for your support towards the programme and our Union. We look forward to seeing you in our future external events. 

We wish every one of you good health and wellness. Take care.

Hong Kong Future Pioneers - Our Vision

Hong Kong Future Pioneers (HKFP), formerly named Hong Kong Young Leaders’ Congress (HKYLC), has been organised since 2003 by Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Outstanding Students’ Union (HKSAROSU), as our flagship event.

With the programme theme “How to Shape Our Future Hong Kong?”, HKFP allows participants to express and share their distinctive viewpoints with other students in certain areas of the fundamental elements comprising our future Hong Kong. With the main concept of “Learn from Professionals. Work with Community.”, we aim to broaden our participants’ horizons, sharpen their leadership qualities, and help them appreciate the differences among a community through a series of interactive workshops, lectures, visits, field trips and conferences by related professionals and experts. We would publicise our programme through social platforms on the Internet and media so as to gain public’s attention on our discussion topic. It had gained tremendous support and positive response from different sectors.