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Hong Kong Future Pioneers (HKFP) 2024

​Hong Kong Future Pioneers 2024

The theme for HKFP this year is "Trails of Nostalgia: Uniting Through Hong Kong Collective Memories". Our theme this year revolves around collective memories of Hong Kong, which has stirred up heated discussions in recent years. From neighbourhood relations and architectural designs, to traditional festivals and food, these collective memories together build up the identity of our shared past. However, with advancements in technology and changes in the way of living for millennials and ‘Generation Z’, it is sometimes unavoidable that many communal cultures and collective memories may be lost in time between generations.

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Day 1-2: 6th July 2024 (Sat) - 7th July 2024 (Sun) - Exposure Camp

What to expect:

  • Allow Pioneers and Innovators to familiarise themselves with group mates through ice-breaking games

  • Introduce preliminary research and introduction to campaign skills through stimulation games and case studies. 

Day 3: 13th July 2023 (Sat) - Opening Ceremony & Workshop 1 (Field Trip) 

Opening Ceremony

Workshop 1: Touring around Cultural Sites in Hong Kong

What to expect:

  • Professionals studying local culture and guests from diverse fields will deliver keynote speeches on our theme to mark the start of the HKFP 2024 programme.

  • Follow different planned routes to observe cultural sites around Hong Kong.

  • Explore stories, collective memories and core values of the old Hong Kong.

Day 4: 20th July 2023 (Sat) -  Workshop 2 & 3

Workshop 2: Design Thinking: How to Brainstorm for your Campaign

​What to expect:

  • Learn how to formulate and organise creative ideas into actionable items.

  • Polish the practical skill set of both participants and organisers to amplify our impact on society.

Workshop 3Cultural heritage in Hong Kong

What to expect:

  • Gain understanding on how festivals preserve, extend, and facilitate cross-generation influence of cultural stories in Hong Kong.

  • Discuss the festival’s origin and celebration, as well as how they adapt to changes in modern values and difficulties in protection of their long-lasting culture.

  • Debate among themselves and discuss key factors in preserving these traditions in our modern world.


Day 3: 27th July 2023 (Fri) - Workshop 4

Workshop 4: Archives of Hong Kong

​What to expect:

  • Gain insights on how Hong Kong has developed over time from different perspectives, including arts, culture, preservation and education.

  • Explore how residents can establish community cohesion through collective memories.

Campaign Period: 28st July 2023 (Sun) to 9th August 2022 (Fri)*

*Not full attendance of all days is required. Exact dates of campaign implementation are based on different groups’ own decision.

Participants will design and implement their own social campaigns and promote their takeaways to the general public.

Day 6: 10th August 2023 (Sat) - Prize Presentation & Closing Ceremony

Each group would give a presentation on their campaign and there would be a Q&A session afterwards.


*Certificates will be awarded to each participant.

Mr Paco Yu 

Contact: +852 6212 8352
Co-chairperson, HKFP 2023 Organising Committee

Mr Felix Yim

Contact: +852 6689 1119
Co-chairperson, HKFP 2023 Organising Committee


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