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Hong Kong Future Pioneers (HKFP) 2023 

​Hong Kong Future Pioneers 2023

The theme for HKFP this year is "Discourse of the Earth: Weaving the Roadmap for Genuine Environmental Protection". Our aim is to create a platform for participants to demonstrate enthusiasm towards environmental protection in Hong Kong, thus manifesting proper environmental advocacy with a balance in urban development.

Day 1: 15th July 2023 (Sat) - Opening Ceremony & Workshop 1

​Opening Ceremony


Guest Speaker

Dr. Ken So

Education and Research Manager, Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong 

Workshop 1: Touring Around Natural Sites in Hong Kong


What to expect:

  • Inspection of natural environment in Hong Kong

  • Gaining insights on ecotourism, biodiversity, pollution etc. 

Day 2: 22nd July 2023 (Sat) - Workshop 2 

Workshop 2: Challenges in Contemporary Environmental Education and its Management in Achieving a Sustainable Environment


Guest Speaker

Dr. Janet Chan Yan-kit

Senior Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science (HKU)

​What to expect:

  • Identifying gaps in current environmental education in curriculum of Hong Kong schools

  • How to achieve and manage a sustainable environment

Day 3: 28th July 2023 (Fri) - Workshop 3 

Workshop 3: The Prioritisation: Urban Development or Site protection?


Guest Speaker

Prof. Calvin Chung King-lam

Assistant Professor, Department of Geography and Resource Management, CUHK

​What to expect:

  • Contemplating the meaning of true environmental protection

  • Giving mini conference speeches/debates regarding ecotourism, balance between urban development and site protection 

  • Advocacy of conservation in depth

Day 3-5: 28th July 2023 (Fri) - 30th July 2023 (Sun) - Exposure Camp


​What to expect:

  • Exploration of various aspects of environmental protection through role-play/simulation

  • Understanding food chains and correlations between human beings and other living things on Earth 

  • Preparation and tutorials for upcoming campaigns 

Campaign Period: 31st July 2023 (Mon) to 11th August 2022 (Fri)*

*Not full attendance of all days is required. Exact dates of campaign implementation are based on different groups’ own decision.

Participants will design and implement their own social campaigns and promote their takeaways to the general public.

Day 6: 12th August 2023 (Sat) - Prize Presentation & Closing Ceremony

Each group would give a presentation on their campaign and there would be a Q&A session afterwards.


*Certificates will be awarded to each participant.



Dr. Xoni Ma

BSc (Ecology & Biodiversity, Geography, HKU)

PhD (Environmental Education, HKU)

Founder & Director, Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong (OWLHK)


Mr. Peter Ho

General Secretary &

Chief Executive Officer, 

YMCA of Hong Kong

Ms Janet Lee

Contact: +852 5113 7323
Co-chairperson, HKFP 2023 Organising Committee

Ms Janice Wong

Contact: +852 6023 5575
Co-chairperson, HKFP 2023 Organising Committee


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