Hong Kong Future Pioneers (HKFP) 2021 

​Hong Kong Future Pioneers 2021

The theme for HKFP this year is "Cultural Aurora - Rediscovering the Beauty in Our Cultures". Our aim is to create an platform for the participants to explore the uniqueness of Hong Kong fading culture and to learn its significance and ways to preserve it through various interactive sessions. 

Proposed Events:

Day 1 10th July 2021 (Sat) - Opening Ceremony & Day Camp

​Opening Ceremony



















Day Camp


  • HKFP past participants sharing

  • Ice-breaking games & team-building games

  • Campaign introduction - overview on designing & executing campaign

Day 2 19th July 2021 (Mon) - Workshop 1 & Workshop 2

Workshop 1 - Slowly Fading Away: What Happened to the Heritage of Our Homeland? 

Talk given by:




Workshop 2 - Conversations with the Masters - Interview Sessions

Each group would have the opportunity to visit and interview 2 shop-owners/ craft-makers, including 1 from listed below:

  • 標記麻雀 - Handmade Mahjong 

  • 光華印務 - Movable-type printing (活字印刷) 

  • 上海理髪廳 - 上海華麗理髮公司(Choi Hung)- Traditional Shanghai Style barber 

  • 上海國際理髮公司(Tsuen Wan)- Traditional Shanghai Style barber 

  • 巧佳小巴用品 - Minibus signs 

Day 3 24th July 2021 (Sat) - Workshop 3 & Workshop 4

Workshop 3 - Passing On the Work of Art: Handicraft Creation

Participants could experience handmade crafting from:

  • Handmade Mahjong Crafting - 張順景 師傅, 標記麻雀

  • Rubberstamp (chiselling) - 半閒山館

  • Minibus signs - 巧佳小巴

After the handmade workshops, participants would give a presentation on their interviews and discussions. Participants are expected to share thoughts on reasons for the fading of the cultures in Hong Kong and suggest possible ways to preserve the cultures.

Workshop 4 - A Glimpse of Hope - What Can We Do to Revive Our Cultures?

​Talk given by:




What you can learn:

  • Preservation of the fading cultures

  • Current preservation work, its effectiveness and challenges faced

  • role of youth in preserving local cultures

Day 4 25th July 2021 (Sun) - Campaign Tutorial

Participants would receive guidelines and advice from campaign tutors on how to design and execute their campaigns to achieve the best result.​

Day 5 7th August 2021 (Sat) - Prize Presentation & Closing Ceremony

Each group would give a presentation on their campaign and there would be a Q&A session afterwards.


*certificates will be awarded to each participant.
















**Important: Programme details are subject to changes in regard to the latest COVID-19 situation.

Dr Yau Yat.jpg

Keynote Guest Speaker

Dr. Yau Yat

Chairman, Hong Kong History and Culture Society

Simon Go.jpeg

Founder of Cultural Hulu

​Mr. Simon Go

Simon is the curator of community art project ‘HAD Walk’ (Heritage x Arts x Design). Passionate about local culture, he devotes himself in the research and promotion of local culture over the past decade.

Mr Wan.jpeg

Founder of Hide and Seek Tour

​Mr. George Wan

Mr. George Wan is fully attracted to local customs. He enjoys designing tour routes. He is also a research assistant at HKBU.

Mr Wan.jpeg

Founder of Hide and Seek Tour

​Mr. George Wan

Mr. George Wan is fully attracted to local customs. He enjoys designing tour routes. He is also a research assistant at HKBU.

Dr Yau Yat.jpg

Chairman, Hong Kong History and Culture Society 

Dr. Yau Yat

​Dr. Yau is dedicated to Chinese language and History. He has been a professional in academia. He also has fruitful publications on education and History.


Founder of Kindergarten Insane Studio

Ms. Melty Chan 

​Passionate and dedicating in promoting Hong Kong cultural preservation. Ms. Chan has paid efforts in revitalizing traditional handcrafts into new forms and innovative products.


Ms. Alyssa Berggren

Guest Speaker

Senior Manager, Culture and Shared Value, New World Development

Ms Lam.jpg

Guest Speaker

Ms. Lam Hiu Man

Founder of Hong Kong Reminiscence;

Author of "Hong Kong Reminiscence: Document of Hong Kong's Old Stores"