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Founded in 1993, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Outstanding Students’ Union (HKSAROSU) has been developed from a small student group to a renowned non-profit making youth organisation nowadays with over 550 members in Hong Kong. We always uphold our spirit “To Serve. To Innovate.” in every aspect of the Union.

On behalf of the 26th Executive Committee, it is my pleasure to serve the Union this year.

This year, we hope to promote the Union both internally and externally to strive for the best, gaining more recognition from the community.

Internally, we will introduce a newly reframed internal programme – OSU in ONE Programme – this year, which aims at connecting the vertical as well as transversal networking of OSU, and hence strengthening the internal bonding among members. We would frequently update our members through the official website, official emails, our Facebook Page and Instagram account. We would also organize internal dinners to let members from different years reunite and gather around.

Externally, we would continue to focus on our annual flagship programme “Hong Kong Future Pioneers (HKFP)”, originally named as Hong Kong Young Leaders’ Congress (HKYLC). The campaigns aiming to help different social groups were a breakthrough last year. To further enhance the development and reputation of the programme, we hope to cooperate with more organisations.

Moreover, the sharing series “STEP UP” will be another highlight. It is our hope that its scale can be further expanded so that we can boost up secondary school students’ confidence and encourage them to step up, strive for advancement and achieve their own dreams through our personal sharings.

With the joint effort of members of the Executive Committee, Advisory Board and Constitution Review Committee, and most importantly, your continuous and unlimited support, we strongly believe that this will be a blossoming year for HKSAROSU.

Tiffany Ching-yan MAI (Ms)
The 26th Executive Committee
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Outstanding Students’ Union

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