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Students currently enrolling in F.4 to F.6 (Grade 10 to Grade 13) in Hong Kong

Be proficient in both Cantonese and English (Major language of the programme is Cantonese, but some workshops by overseas speakers may be conducted in English only)

Criteria of Student Selection

  • Be open-minded, willing to learn, try and share
  • Be creative, an enthusiast about cultures and future of Hong Kong with positive attitude
  • Be proactive, a team player and leader with good presentation and communication skill

Application Deadline
Extended Deadline: 22 June 2013 (Sat)

*Only online application by email with sufficient documents will be considered

Application Deadline
$550 HKD (Including programme T-shirts and materials, fee of all workshops and camp, insurance etc.)

*Fee will only be collected after the application is accepted

List of Document for Application

  • Completed and signed application form
  • Recommendation letter by principal or teaching Staff (optional)

Application Procedure
1. During the application period, the application forms could be downloaded from the web page http://osu.org.hk/hkfp2013/ (Feel free to photocopy the application forms for your use)

2. All applications should be sent to hkfp@osu.org.hk (Subject: HKFP 2013 Application – Applicant’s Name) (Attachments must be smaller than 10MB) on or before 22 June 2013 (Sat)
(Only online application by email will be considered)

3. After the announcement of accepted applications by 23 June 2013 (Sun), successful applicants must transfer the payment ($550HKD) to the account in the notification email by 25 June 2013 (Tue) for confirmation of the programme offer (Details of payment method will be mentioned in the notification email).

Successful applicants without replying the notification email with the payment receipt attached by 25 June 2013 (Tue) will be considered as giving up the programme offer

Important Dates

22 JUNE 2013 (Sat) Extended Application Deadline
23 JUNE 2013 (Sun) Announcement of Successful Applicants
25 JUNE 2013 (Tue) Confirmation and Payment Submission
29 JUNE 2013 (Sat) Opening Ceremony and Workshop 1
(Venue: Bloomberg Office, Central)
6 JULY 2013 (Sat) Workshop 2
(Venue: Bloomberg Office, Central)
13 JULY 2013 (Sat) Workshop 3
(Venue: Bloomberg Office, Central)
19 JULY 2013 (Fri) Workshop 4
(Venue: CUHK)
20-22 JULY 2013 (Sat to Mon) 3 Days-2 Nights Camp
(Venue: CUHK)
22 JULY 2013 (Mon) Closing and Award Ceremony


  • Applicants can be school-nominated or self-nominated
  • Only online application by email to hkfp@osu.org.hk with sufficient documents will be considered
  • The result will be announced before 23 June 2013 (Sun) by email and on the official HKFP web page (http://osu.org.hk/hkfp2013/), applicants please check your email accounts regularly
  • No matter your application is accepted or not, a notification email will be sent
  • You may also check the updates of the programme at http://osu.org.hk/hkfp2013/

Ms Chloe CHAN
Chairperson, HKFP 2013 Organising Committee

Email: hkfp@osu.org.hk
Contact: +852 9222 1017
Web Page: http://osu.org.hk/hkfp2013/

“LIKE” us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OSU.HKFP/

Hong Kong Future Pioneers (HKFP), formerly named Hong Kong Young Leaders’ Congress (HKYLC), has been organised since 2003 by Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Outstanding Students’ Union (HKSAROSU), as our flagship event. This year, the renowned programme has come to its 10th year.

With the programme theme “How to Shape Our Future Hong Kong?”, HKFP allows participants to express and share their distinctive viewpoints with other students in certain areas of the fundamental elements comprising our future Hong Kong. With the main concept of “Learn from Professionals. Work with Community.”, we aim to broaden our participants’ horizons, sharpen their leadership qualities, and help them appreciate the differences among a community through a series of interactive workshops, lectures, visits, field trips and conferences by related professionals and experts. We would publicise our programme through social platforms on the Internet and media so as to gain public’s attention on our discussion topic. It had gained tremendous support and positive response from different sectors.

This year, our theme is “Cultural Conservation in Hong Kong”. We wish to gather elite students from different secondary schools to explore the cultural development in Hong Kong via workshops and conferences, and help them equip with essential leadership skills during the process. Guests and professionals from various fields will be invited to deliver speeches and be the judges of the final presentations by our participants, as we believe young leaders shall be nurtured by great inspirations.

Theme of 2013
“Cultural Conservation in Hong Kong”

Hong Kong, rated as one of the alpha-level cities in the high competitive world arena, has been focusing on the search of economic opportunities to uphold its niche. While skyscrapers and infrastructures are building up to support the momentum of economic growth, however, as Hong Kong Future Pioneers, we do not simply take Hong Kong as a money-making machine or a piece of land with high-value. Instead, we regard Hong Kong as a living city with its charisma built upon its diversified cultural background.

Therefore, the theme of Hong Kong Future Pioneers 2013 is “Cultural Conservation in Hong Kong”. Through various workshops and activities, we would like our future leaders to learn about the cultural dimension of Hong Kong through sharing with artists and professionals, and to explore the ways of cultural conversation in the realm of urban planning and policy generation. We believe Future Pioneers of Hong Kong will not merely Grow the City, but Grow with the City.

Theme of 2012
“Heritage Conservation and Developments in Hong Kong”

Theme of 2011
“Racial Minority in Hong Kong”

Theme of 2010
“Social Justice in Hong Kong”

Theme of 2009
“Social Service”

Theme of 2008
“Harmonious Society”

Theme of 2007
“Legal Right”

Theme of 2006
“Criticism and Creativity”

Theme of 2005
“World Exploration”

Theme of 2004
“Legislative Council”

Theme of 2003
“Passion and Action”

18 June 2013
Application deadline extension: 22 June 2013 (Sat)

5 June 2013
Hong Kong Future Pioneers 2013 is now open for application!

Deadline of the application is 19 June 2013 (Wed).

Details please refer to “Application”.

Opening Ceremony with our Honorary Advisor: Hon Emily LAU Wai-hing, JP
Opening Ceremony

Speech by our Honorary Advisor: Hon Claudia MO
Hong Kong Cultural Exposure
Hong Kong Cultural Exposure
Hong Kong Cultural Exposure
Hong Kong Cultural Exposure
Speech by our Honorary Advisor: Mr Paul ZIMMERMAN
Closing Ceremony

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